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"Lewis & Clark World's Fair - Portland"
"Lewis & Clark World's Fair"
"Portland - Forestry Building from World's Fair - Photo by Etha Huffman"
"Lewis & Clark Fair - Forestry Building"
"1992 - Final game, LC [Lewis & Clark State College] at Civic Stadium"
"Robert J. Miller" This is a studio portrait of Robert Miller wearing a dark colored, plaid print, blazer, a white dress shirt, and light colored, patterned, necktie. Enclosed with photo: "We are pleased to announce that Robert J. Miller has joined…
An Eastern Oregon basketball player dribbles down the court while opposing Lewis & Clark Warriors team members are in hot pursuit. Spectators are just visible in the stands in the background.
"1/1985" An Eastern women's basketball player attempts to shoot a basket while being guarded by two opposing Lewis & Clark State College team members.
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