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"1/1987 - Women's Basketball" Thirty-six action images taken during a women's basketball game against George Fox. .005 - R Hedberg, #20 (with ball). .007-.011 - Mindi Mouritsen, #25. .018 - R. Hedberg, #20 (with ball). .033 - R. Hedberg, #20 (with…
EASTERN's women's basketball player, #30, gets ready to shoot for a basket as rival team, Southern Oregon's #23, tries to block. Fans can be seen sitting in the bleachers in the background, and there is a "Lady Mounties" banner hanging above them.
"1992 - [Dave] Yamate" Easter Oregon basketball player, #40 attempts a basket as a Northwest Nazarene opponent, #30, goes for the block from behind. Two more Northwest players, and one other Eastern player are also visible. In the background and…
"1992" Eastern Oregon basketball player, #12 is in the air as he lay's up a basket during a game. He is guarded by an opposing team member #14, in a dark uniform. In the bacground, fans sit on the stands below a banner which reads, "Lady Mounties."
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