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"View of Elgin, Ore. with the bridge crossing the Grande Ronde River in the foreground - circa 1910."
"View of Enterprise public square before the courthouse or fairgrounds were built. People are lined up on the sidewalks to get into the square where tents are set up. Perhaps, a fair. W.J. Funk & Co. is to the right of the public square."
"La Grande, Oregon - circa 1915 - Adams Avenue looking west from roof of W.H. Bohnenkamp Building" The cone topping the front of the Foley Hotel is visible at the edge of the upper, right side, quadrant of image, and most of Mt. Emily is visible in…
"La Grande, 1887. Looking north on 4th Street from the brow of a hill. Mt. Emily is in the background. The Episcopal Church in the center foreground had just been moved from Old Town, La Grande. The flagpole behind the church is on City Hall which…
"La Grande downtown area - April 1902" The cone atop the front of the Foley Hotel is visible in the lower, left side, quadrant of image, next to the left edge.
"Screened print of La Grande, circa 1920 - Overview, with Mt. Emily prominent in the background." Printed on face of photograph: "1590. Mt. Emely. La Grande, Ore."
"La Grande residential area - circa 1900 - Episcopal Church in view" [Second attached image, 2010.15.00098 is an enlargement of the center section of 2010.15.00097.]
La Grande, Oregon
This image has been cropped from a panorama of La Grande. Written on back: "Public library not in picture (built in 1913) - Katherine Gregory, La Grande Public Library." [Also, Grande Ronde Hospital addition not built at this…
"Cove, Oregon - circa 1912" Cove School can be seen in the direct center of the image, and Mt. Fanny is visible in the background.
"Small town in eastern Oregon - Union, looking west - circa 1900-10'"
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