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"Grande Ronde Lumber Co. Lumber Mill at Perry"
"Grande Ronde Lumber Co. Mill at Pondosa, Oregon" "No. 2. Grande Ronde Lumber Co. Store, Pondosa, Oregon"
"No. 1 Grande Ronde Lumber Co. Mill at Pondosa, Oregon" "Store and Hotel, Pondosa, Oregon"
"Sawmill at Perry - 1920's+"
"Grande Ronde Lumber Co. - Perry 1912"
"Grande Ronde Lumber Co. Mill at Ponderosa [Pondosa], Oregon - Claimed to have the longest 'Green Chain' of any mill"
"1898 - C.J. Short Stationery - Real Estate - Bakery from extremely flat, faded, original post card" [The business located between the Stationery store and the Real Estate Agent is the J.H. Peare Jewelry Store. J. (Jack) H. Peare is standing in theā€¦
"Grande Ronde Cash Co. Storage No. 1 - Shield on wagon: 'Overland Cement & Plaster - Sign on building: 'Scales Capacity 10 tons'"
"September 10-11, 1976 - Grande Ronde Mini College" The instructor for a food preparation class that is being held in the Hoke Hall kitchen, appears to be Professor Ralph Lewis. He is wearing a checkered chef's hat, a white apron, and a dark bowtie.
"October 1979 - GRC (Grande Ronde Commodities) Plant" - interior shot.
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