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"La Grande, 1887. Looking north on 4th Street from the brow of a hill. Mt. Emily is in the background. The Episcopal Church in the center foreground had just been moved from Old Town, La Grande. The flagpole behind the church is on City Hall which…
"Interior of St. Johns Episcopal Church of Union, Oregon."
"La Grande, Oregon churches - about 1910. Shows: First Presbyterian Church, Baptist Church, M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Church, and the Mormon Church. Photos copied from a newspaper." [Negative of Baptist Church photo located at 2010.2.2354.]
"La Grande residential area - circa 1900 - Episcopal Church in view" [Second attached image, 2010.15.00098 is an enlargement of the center section of 2010.15.00097.]
"Rev. Smith of the Episcopal Church of Cove and Union, Oregon. Married Miss May Bell to F.W. Baltes of Portland, Oregon."
"Mar. 16, 1934" St. Peter's Episcopal Church - La Grande, Oregon
"2. Aug. 8, 1929" - St. Peter's Episcopal Church - La Grande, Oregon
Mar 16, 1934 - St. Peter's Episcopal Church - La Grande, Oregon
"10/30/36" An older couple poses in front of the St. Peter's Episcopal Church's wooden doors.
"4/16/33" The chapel of St. Peter's Episcopal Church on Easter Sunday.
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