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"No. 140 The Overland Mail (stagecoach pulled by a 4-horse team). Behind the stagecoach, the Enterprise Hotel is under construction - 1902."
"931. Main Street of Enterprise, Ore." The W.J. Funk & Co. store is on the corner of the street in the left side of the image, and the Enterprise Mercantile & Milling Co. is on the opposite corner of the street in the right side of the image.
"Hotel Enterprise - Enterprise, Ore."
"6/1986 - Fleetwood Enterprise Meeting" Clockwise around the table, starting at 8:00: Doug Spear (1st), Dixie Lund (2nd), Jack Schut (4th).
"6/1986 - Fleetwood Enterprise" - five images .001-.002 - From left to right: Jack Schut (2nd), Dixie Lund (3rd). .012 - Lee Insko (wearing necktie). .013 - Dick Hiatt (middle, eyeglasses in hand). .014 - From left to right: Dick Hiatt (2nd), Dave…
"6/1986 - Fleetwood Enterprise Meeting" - three images .008 - Jack Schut (furthest left, back to camera), Dixie Lund (furthest right, in profile). .009 - Counterclockwise around table starting at 5:00: Jack Schut (back to camera), Lee Insko (mostly…
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