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"Home of Ed and Adelia Davis - Former Mayor and Stockman"
"Ed & Ida Carpenter Home - Union, Oregon"

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"Greg Cooper, Co Ed Director (1976-77)"
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students"
A Cooperative Education student works directly with large-scale maps.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed"
Children assemble their own snacks.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students"
Three Cooperative Education students work together in an office.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students"
Cooperative Education students have the opportunity to work in aspects of graphic design.
"December 1979"
An employee working in the Co-op Education office.
"April 12, 1982 - Inland Empire Tri State Photography Competition (High School) - Carol Payne, Rural Ed Review [It is not stated as to whether Carol Payne was the photographer, or whether she appeared in the pictures.]"
"Open Meeting Teachers Commission - Teachers Ed. Council" - three images
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