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"December 1979" Two images of employees working in the Co-op Education office. .012 - Annette Smith.
"March 1979 - Co-op Ed Conference" - six images Attendees include: Howard Anderson, Harvey Bennett (.015 - standing), Ted Brown, Terry Edvalson, Dave Gilbert, Doyle Slater, Doug Treadway, and Gerald [Jerry] Young.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students - Ignacio Stevens" Three images of Ignacio Stevens working at a desk in an office.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students - Mike Bennett" Three images of Mike Bennett working at a desk in an office.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students - Laura Croghan" Five images of Laura Croghan using a type of large press to make art pictures.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students" Six images of students working in several aspects of graphic design, including creating at drafting tables and applying necessary chemicals to large stacks of notecards.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students" Five images of three students working in an office.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed" Two images of children being supervised as they assemble their own snacks.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students" Seven images of a student working with maps, measuring distances, studying locales, and using a large-sized map printer.
"February 6, 1979 - OSU Experimental Station, Union (with Co-op Ed students)" - five images
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