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"Looking Glass Lake [later named Langdon Lake] was formed at the summit of the Blue Mountains [Tollgate area] in 1922 when a group of citizens purchased the property for a resort area. Boating, bathing and just enjoying the new lake were a primary…
"At beach - 1913" On the left is Walter Reuter. [The woman seated next to him appears to be Madeline Reuter.] The other couple sitting and leaning on a large driftwood log are unidentified. They are all eating grapes. [North Beach, WA is identified…

"At beach - 1913 - No. 44 Campfire at North Beach, Washington"
Walter Reuter sits at the steering wheel of a small boat while holding his young son, Robert [Bob].

"Copy negatives of New Guinea native Women - bare breasted" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Three Coastal Women. Among all New Guinea tribes, tropical heat and humidity required partial nudity in order for anyone to be comfortable. Traditionally, women…
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