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"WWI Soldiers - from a montage at the Union County Museum in Union, Oreg. - Kenneth (Ken) Gekeler - WWI member of Blue Mt. Grange - 1918"
"October 1980 - Symphony Orchestra - From left to right: Spear (french horn); James [Buddy] Wiley Mills III from Boardman, Oregon (2nd clarinet); Professor Bob Klak (clarinet)"
"October 1980 - Students in Symphony Orchestra - Back row left to right: Wilson, Linscott, James [Buddy] Wiley Mills, Wahlstrom, Newell, Anderson. Front row left to right: Reeve, Brogoitti, Spear"
"11/10/1981 - Bob Klak, Music" Music professor, Bob Klak measures the reed for his musical instrument of choice, the clarinet.

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"April 1977 - EOSC Woodwind Quintet: [From left to right:] Cherlyne Healy (flute), Pamela Jerrett (oboe), Molly Deatherage (french horn), Donna Groth (bassoon), and Robert [Bob] Klak (clarinet)"
"The Muhlfeld Trio left to right: Christopher Von Baeyer, violin cello Judith A. Schoepflin, piano H. Jones Schoepflin, clarinet"
A man and a woman stand at microphone up on a stage. He appears to be reading off of a piece of paper he is holding. Red, white, and blue streamers decorate several areas around them, and there is also a line of potted flowers at the front of the…
"October 1976 - Robert [Bob] Klak and Lila Bishop"
Musical instructors, Bob Klak (playing the clarinet) and Lila Bishop (accompanying him on the piano) play a duet together.

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"April 1977 - Woodwind Quintet - [From left to right:] Molly Deatherage (french horn), Cherlyne Healy (flute), Pamela Jerrett (oboe), Donna Groth (bassoon), Robert [Bob] Klak (clarinet)" The Woodwind Quintet pose together in front of one of the…
"October 14-15, 1977 - Octoberfest"
During the October Festival, German Club members sell pretzels from their booth located inside the Bavarian tent.
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