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"Steam wheelers fighting current to enter Cascade Locks - Columbia River" "Steamboats in rapids approaching Cascade Locks, Columbia River Highway, Oregon"
"5/1986 - Springfest Rodeo" Visible sponsorship billboards: "Tamarack Ford," "Shakey's Pizza Parlor," "Jack Rudd Plumbing & Heating," "Pay Less Drug Store," and "Boise Cascade."
"1978" A cowboy is on the way to the ground butt first after having just been bucked off the horse he was riding. In the background, sponsorship billboards hang from the fence, including, "Pay Less Drug Store," "Baum Insurance Agency," "Connies,"…
A cowboy holds on tightly with his right hand while the horse he is riding tries to buck him off. With his left hand, it appears that he is trying to hang onto his hat. Numerous other cowboys watch from close by on both sides of the fence.
"April 1977 - Steve Pearson (P.R. [Public Relations] Boise Cascade) [left], Jim Robertson [right]"
"August 1976 - experimental shots"
A warehouse next to the train tracks off of Island City Blvd in La Grande, Oregon. Mt. Emily provides the backdrop.
Cowboys and cowgirls stand their horses in a line at the Union County Fair Grounds.
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