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"Threshing machine in Garden of Eden [Wallowa County] - circa 1914-1915"
"E.G. Hafer's ranch on Cabin-Creek in Garden of Eden, (Wallowa County) Oregon - circa 1910." Written on front of photograph: "Cabin Creek Stock Farm."
"The Brook-Trouts Home, Elbow Canyon' north end (Eden area) Wallowa County, Oregon - circa 1910."
"John McDonald residence on slope west of Diamond Prairie, Wallowa, Wallowa County - circa 1905."
"Wallace J. Lisle - xmas 1916 - 9 years old"
"Peephole Bluff, Upper Horse Range, Garden of Eden, Wallowa County, Oregon - circa 1910."
"John Patterson at his cabin site in Garden of Eden, 3 1/2 miles south of Troy, Oregon. Showing the place 'before civilization touched it' - circa 1900."
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