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"Mrs. Hall's Studio [became Hart Studio] - east of City Hall in Elgin, Oregon - about 1915. Women in front are: Mrs. Lottie Hall, Mrs. Annie Johns, Nancy (Lewis? Ben Willis' sister), Lola (Bible?) Stelham. Boy may be Myron Hall." Advertising on the…

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"Some celebration - perhaps Portland - perhaps after WWI - not a parade - hourds of people - Ben Selling store - Benke-Walker Business College - Chesker+Clothes"

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"Leyte Business College bldg. on road between Dulag and the camp site of 17th Tact Recon Sqdn. Sign: Base K Surgeon's office Malaria Control"

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Partially damaged, this business in Manila appears to be open.

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This service station in Manila appears to be open. The likeness of a flying horse sits on top of the covered service area.

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"June 1988 - Wayne Larsen, Director - Small Business Development Center"

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"December 1977 - Don House, Assistant Professor Business (1975-78)" This is an informal portrait of Don House wearing a light colored dress shirt, and a dark striped necktie. He also has a mustache. There are shelves of books behind his head.

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"May 1980 - Zabel Hall" The wood sign near the door reads: "Classroom Building, Bilingual Education, Business Lab, Computer Center, Div. of Education, Language Lab, Psychology Lab, Div. of Social Sci. & Business" Ground covering evergreen shrubs and…

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"3/2/1982 - Business Skills Conference, High School"

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"April 3, 1982 - Phi Beta Lambda State Conference in Pendleton" Greg Cushman (left), PBL Business Person of the Year, presents Bruce Jarrett (right) with a plaque.

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