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"1983 - Raft Race" - three images .032 - From left to right: Carolyn Gilbert (1st, back to camera), Dave Gilbert (2nd, in profile). .033 - Bill Wells (puffy coat, eyeglasses, back of serving area).
"4/9/1983 - EOSC Open House" Three images of a well-attended dining event held during the Open House, probably the Parent's Breakfast.
"1974 - Senior Breakfast" - eleven images .001 - From left to right, seated on opposite side of table: Doug Spear (1st), George Nightingale (5th). This side of table, back to camera: Richard Perry. .007 - From left to right: Rodney Briggs (4th). .008…
"1970 Graduation, Senior Breakfast - A breakfast was held the morning of Graduation at Hoke Hall for the graduating seniors and their guests." [Photo appears in the 1970 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 120.]
"1989 - Eastern Outdoor Program Open House" - sixteen images .002 - Standing: Left side of table: Dave Gilbert (back to camera), Dick Stenard (in profile). Right side of table: Kelly Yenser (back to camera). .003 - Standing: Dave Gilbert (left, in…
"February 1983 - Presidential Search" - two images .013-.014 - Tom Madden (right end).
"February 1983 - Dr. Janet Travis, Presidential Search" - two images .017 - Tom Madden (furthest left, in profile), Janet Travis (center), Jim Petersen (right edge). .018 - Tom Madden (furthest left, face obscured), Janet Travis (center), Jim…
"February 1983 - Dr. Dave Gilbert, Presidential Search" - two images .011-.012 - From left to right: Tom Madden, Carolyn Gilbert, Dave Gilbert.
"February 1983 - Dr. Brooks, Presidential Search" - two images .003-.004 - Far side of table: Tom Madden (left), Dr. Brooks (right).
"May 1982 - Sunday Parent's Breakfast" - five images .006 - John Cobb (left end of serving line). .009 - Rodney Briggs (right, back to camera). .012 - Rodney Briggs (right, in profile).
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