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"Sept. 10-11, 1976 - Grande Ronde Mini College"
Diane Stone (3rd in from the left, in profile), orders a glass of wine during a wine and cheese tasting social held in Hoke Hall.
Physics Professor Donald Schnitzler and an unidentified woman look at some sort of large box sitting on the floor in Hoke Hall.

"A Japanese pill box overlooking the Mokmer Air strip on the South coast of Biak"
"A Japanese 'pill box' gun port - camoflaged with sticks. Some of these contained a 75 mm Howitzer"
"A Japanese fortified 'pill box.' The howitzer has had the breech blown out as the position was abandoned." From "Darkroom Soldier": "Ending in a Pill Box. Another in his series on destroyed Japanese armament, Hill records here a Japanese 75 mm…
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