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"Low level view of conference table in Priest's area at the big Catholic Church in (blank) Note legs are on a plank all around chairs must straddle" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Detail: Nara Wood Table. Calasiao church wardens gave Hill a tour of the…
"A big Catholic Church at Binmaley (Lingayen Gulf) was used by the Japanese to store munitions. It was shelled by US Navy ships in the Gulf. These statues were salvaged by local parishioners and assembled in a corner." From "Darkroom Soldier":…
"Interior of a smaller Catholic Church toward San Carlos from Binmale. GALA ANACO A-ALAGDENTACA" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Interior: Calasiao Cathedral. After being granted permission, Hill ascended the choir loft for this photograph. 'Whew!' he…
"Church bell tower at San Carlos, Luzon"
"Baguio twin bell towers of church"
"Front of Catholic church in one of the neighboring small towns in the Lingayen Gulf area"
"Conference table leg - Priest's area - big Catholic Church"
"Conference table leg - Priest's area - big Catholic Church"
"Interesting view of a church Bell tower with smaller attached building through trees. Rooster weather vane and TV antenna on top. Central Luzon"
"Brick texture details in walls of very old church facades. San Carlos area central Luzon"
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