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Three images of Music Professor John Cobb conducting one of the EOSC choral ensembles through a series of songs at the Awards Banquet. In one of the images, the singers hold up a banner which reads: "Sobriety Forever."
Seven images from the student awards banquet. .001 - Lyle Schwarz (right). .002 - Bert Wells (right). .004 - Gerald [Jerry] Young (left). .010 - Lois Barry (left).
"June 2, 1977 - Awards Banquet - Elise Rohrer (left), Seth Catlin (right)"
"February 22, 1977 - Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet"
Honored by the Chamber of Commerce as "Man of the Year," and his wife, Wilma Easley as "Woman of the Year," Carlos Easley (middle of image) shakes hands with an unidentified gentleman standing…
"6/3/1976 - Awards Banquet"
Coach Erling Odegaard (standing) is honored during the faculty awards banquet. Those in attendance who have been identified in this image are Barbara Odegaard (lower left corner, partial of her face in profile, wearing…
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