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"1970 Rodeo" Cowboys carry equipment across the rodeo arena.
"1970 Rodeo" Three images of cowboys and cowgirls riding their horses around in the arena. One of them is carrying the American flag.
A cowboy sits on a horse in one of the pens as he prepares for the next bronco riding event. Numerous other cowboys are nearby helping or watching. Two sponsorship signs hang on the gates to the pens. One reads, "Slash/D Arena Haines, OR," and the…
"Cockfight arena" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Cockfight Crowd. As Hill wrote to Martha, spectators at this traditional Filipino blood sport could sit and watch and bet on the 'rough, fast and bloody' battle in the dirt circle below. With spurs 'about…
"1914 - Pendleton Round-up - Entrance of Grand Parade into arena"
"1914 - Pendleton Round-up - Stagecoach Race"
"1914 - Pendleton Round-up - Riding the bull"
"1914 - Pendleton Round-up - Cowgirl Race"
"1914 - Pendleton Round-up - Grand Parade in arena"
"1914 - Pendleton Round-up - Round Up Band at head of Grand Parade"
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