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"1953 - Ackerman youngsters in biology exhibit." Children mingle in a 1953 Ackerman Elementary School Classroom. The teacher is at the right near the sort of tank that usually houses gerbils or hamsters. He has his back to the camera.
"Ackerman - The woolen industry is studied by the third grade, training school, Eastern Oregon Normal School"
"April 14, 1937" Children sit at their desks facing the front of the classroom where two boys and two girls are reading on either side of a puppet theater.
"April 14, 1937 - Giving a 'movie' based on a story in the reading textbook. The picture is being shown to the rest of the group and appropriate parts of the story read. - 5th & 6th grades"
"April 14, 1937 - Fourth grade assembling in formation and materials for a geography program, 'Life in Holland."
"Ackerman bulletin boards" A teaching display to encourage reading. "Space Man Have You Read..."
"Ackerman Lab School" Children work in different areas in this elementary school classroom.
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