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"November 1980 - Prosser School Art Project - NWA [Northwest Area] Foundation - Local artists in the schools programs" - nineteen images 80113 .001 - "3rd - Mrs. Elizabeth Crimp."

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"[1930] Lulu Grace Allen, Teacher, 3rd grade, N-18" This is a 1930 elementary 3rd grade classroom setting.

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"1944-45 Ackerman School, 3rd Grade, 7" This is a class photo of the 1944-45 Ackerman Elementary School 3rd grade with their teacher. The picture was taken on the front steps of the building.

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"Mary H. Roop, E.O.C." This is a formal portrait of Mary H. Roop. She is wearing a tweed blazer over a light colored shell, earrings, and a brooch on her left shoulder. She has dark, curly hair.

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"Ackerman - The woolen industry is studied by the third grade, training school, Eastern Oregon Normal School"

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