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"Ackerman Classroom" 6th grade teacher, Delmer Howell oversees a food preparation exercise.

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"12/8/1982 - Ackerman 6th grade working at computers - Sarah Triplett (left), Justin Vincent (right)" - two images

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"December 1977 - Rick [Richard] Mack (6th grade, Ackerman)"

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"April 14, 1937 - Giving a 'movie' based on a story in the reading textbook. The picture is being shown to the rest of the group and appropriate parts of the story read. - 5th & 6th grades"

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"[1930] Caroline Stevenson, Training Teacher, 6th grade, N21" Students and teacher sit at desks in a semi-cirlce in this elementary classroom. There is a bird in a cage in the center, and there are pictures of birds on the wall in the background.

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"1944-45 Ackerman School, 5th & 6th Grades, 9" This is a class photo of the 1944-45 Ackerman Elementary School 5th & 6th grades with their teacher. The picture was taken on the front steps of the building.

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"Simon Chavez" This is a studio portrait of Simon Chavez wearing a pin-striped, suit blazer, white dress shirt, and patterned necktie. He worked as a Supervisor of Teaching for grade 6 at Ackerman Laboratory School.

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