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Mounties basketball player, #60 - Dave Smith. He is wearing his uniform, and he is holding a ball in both hands. His left wrist and thumb are taped up.
"1965-66 Mounties - Oregon Collegiate Conference Champions - Row 1: Gerry Galbraith, Butch Watson, Dave Smith, Fred Langley, Bob McMillan, Ron Smith. Row 2: Charlie Chapman, Randy Dolven, Rich Mikel, Murf Karns, Craig Humphrey, Coach Bob Quinn."…
"1956 Football" This is an informal, outdoor portrait of two Eastern Oregon football players, #25 - Dick Hilyard, and #60 - William Rodda. They are wearing their uniforms, and they are both kneeling on their right knees. [The background with Hunt…
EOC football players: #12 - Tom Lewis, #52 - Harold Harris, #82 - Kelly Andrew, #25 - unidentified, #60 - unidentified, and #26 - Tom Peterson. They are all wearing their uniforms.
This is an informal, outdoor portrait of an unidentified Eastern Oregon football player, #60. He is wearing his uniform, and he is kneeling on his right knee. Several of his teammates are visible practicing behind him.
"1958 Football" Three Eastern football players, #60 - David Harmon, #70 - Dean Keefer, and #4 - Jerry Newcomb stand together wearing their numbered uniforms. [Photos have been cropped separately and appear as individual player's pictures in the 1959…
"September 1978 - Football"
An unidentified football player.

"September 1980" A series of images of individual football players.

#2 - Unidentified
"10/1983 - Football Team" Ninety-eight images of fifty-eight individual football players, mostly unidentified.

#2 - Unknown.
"9/1984" Fifty-two images of forty-eight individual football players.

Tony Bishop, #63.
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