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  • Collection: Fred Hill Historical Photographs
"1. Pine Cone Auto Camp & Swimming Pool - 2 miles west of La Grande on the old Oregon Trail"
"1st Historical Meeting at Medical Springs - mid 1940's. Prior it was known as 'Pioneer Meeting.' Dunham Wright lived at Medical Springs - He is not in this photo, so it must be after 1945. George Cochran and Charlie Hammon are recognizable"
"Dunham Wright's homestead at Medical Springs, Oregon - 1895"
"Sept 24th, 1919 - Cove, Ore."
"8th Grade - Cove School 1917"
"Cove, Oregon 1898"
"Cove High School 1923"
"Wall decoration - not a calendar" "Compliments of Button Alexander, Dealer in Confectionery, Tobacco and Cigars, Cove, Oregon
"X Cove, Oregon - Sept. 1935" [Half of a panorama - The other half is located in the Regional Historical Collection, 2010.15.00229]
"Church Building in Cove 1939/40"
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