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  • Collection: Fred Hill Historical Photographs
"Mt Emily Lumber Co. La Grande, Ore"
"E-101. Pendleton Round-up - grounds / stadium / Indian tpees - Aerial photo"
"Grande Ronde Lumber Co. Mill at Ponderosa [Pondosa], Oregon - Claimed to have the longest 'Green Chain' of any mill"
"Union Oregon Lumber Mill - Ronde Lumber Co. - Near Experiment Station - Area is now (1998) High School Sport's field"
"Sawmill at Wallowa"

"Church - Alicel, Or." [Photograph used in "History of Union County, Oregon" (page 169), edited and compiled by Bernal D. Hug.]
"Alicel - Must be the church - See windows!"
"Ruckman Farm Scenes - Alicel Area - Cultivating Sugar Beets with horse drawn units - 1902"
"Ruckman Farm Scenes - Alicel Area - Delivering sacked grain to a warehouse - 1900+/-"
"Ruckman Header - Alicel area - 6 horses pushing, plus a headerbox wagon - 6 men - 1900+/-"
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