Binmaley Camp, Quarters 4

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Binmaley Camp, Quarters 4


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"Binmaley (pronounced: Binmally). This is the home of Photo section men + Walt Peters - a medic. Rain water from one side of the tent kept the barrel full for showers!" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Camp at Binmaley. In a written memoir, Hill recalled his new quarters: 'On the central west coast of Luzon we built a splendid camp. The local Filipino craftsmen could build anything out of bamboo, and we each chipped in about $20 (six of us to a tent) to have a very comfortable tent frame and floor home constructed. By extending the side flaps and filling in the corners with issued ('shelter halves') we got a twenty-by-twenty foot domicile. From one side, the rain funneled into a fifty-five gallon drum on stilts, provided fresh water for a shower a day for each of us. For the most part, the same six men stayed together from camp to camp -- five photo lab men and a medic. When compatibility is found, it is well to maintain it, which we did." ("Darkroom Soldier" caption authored by George Venn)


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Binmaley, The Philippines


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