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Outdoor portrait of a large family gathering, circa 1890-1900. House in background has real shutters. [Photographer based in Vandalia, Ohio, so listing that state as the place this was taken.]
"Bowman-Hicks Lumber Company log train that ran away and derailed in Maxville, Oregon area (Wallowa County) - circa 1925. One fatality."
"Logging Scenes from Washington State - about 1919"
"Souvenier hunters - Rising Sun parts of Jap airplane wing" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Wreckage at Hollandia. During the period 30 March through 3 April, [Hill's Fifth Air Force bombers] destroyed or damaged over 300 Japanese aircraft, most of them on…
"Railroad" This is a photo of remnants of a derailed train. There are several passenger cars lying on their sides in the snow near the tracks.
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