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"2 civilian girls - Santo Tomas PW's"
"Capt Price (left) and two civilian interrees at Santo Tomas"
"Mail finally getting through to remaining civilian prisoners at Santo Tomas - Some had been repatriated - thus there were a few empty cots where Dick Baxter and Fred Hill were able to stay"
"Scene from top of Santo Tomas main bldg - showing many additional shelters built on the grounds - for civilian prisoners - Area 'C"
"Residential area of city, taken from Tower of Santo Tomas University. On a 'wild cat pass,' Dick Baxter and Fred Hill spent a couple of nights on abandoned cots at Santo Tomas"
"Mail for Santo Tomas prisoners (civilian)"
"June 1991 - OHSU [Oregon Health & Science University] Nursing Pinning Ceremony: Heidi Trenkel, graduate" Seated: Marcia Shoup (left, in profile), Dave Gilbert (right).
"June 1991 - OHSU [Oregon Health & Science University] Nursing Pinning Ceremony: Janet Carrill"
"6/12/1993 - OHSU Master of Nursing Candidates" Wearing their caps and gowns, graduates line up to receive their diplomas during the graduation ceremonies of 1993. There is a tent-like structure in the background.
"11/3/1990 - EOSC vs. Pacific (at Pacific). An Eastern cheerleader and football player, [Cedric Samples, #7] are all smiles in the Mountaineers win over Pacific." [Pacific University is located in Forest Grove, Oregon.]
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