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"Yule Candlelight Hour in Auditorium" A large group of young women, dressed in formal gowns pose together for the Yule Candlelight Hour. There are decorated Christmas trees on either side of a faux, stone fireplace in the background.
"Xmas Caroling & EAX (Sigma Alpha Chi) Candlelight Ceremony 1944-45. Janette Frazier at the piano. Many faculty members in picture. Edith Darby [left edge, wearing a dark colored dress]. Miss Wear. Lyle Johnson [in profile, singing by piano]. [Joe…
"1935 Phi Beta Sigma, a national educational fraternity"
"1935 Sigma Alpha Chi, women's honorary society. First row: Joy Crummett, June Whittaker, Grace Scully, Mary Howland, Gladys Hutton, Libby Anne Jones, Opal Wisenor, Miss Wear. Second row: Evelyn Masten, Caroline Moyer, Georgia Anna Coleman, Joanna…
"1954-55 Phi Beta Sigma - Back row: Royce Chadwick, Clyde Warner, Jo Wheeler, Jackie Hawk, Helen Kudlac, Barbara Walker, Ron Bayes, Dave Clark. Middle row: Mrs. John Miller, Doreen Pierson, Mina Sawyer, Mrs. John Ryan, Eleanor Miller. Front row:…
"Sigma Alpha Chi 1946-47" This is an outdoor group photo, in four rows, of the 1946-47 Sigma Alpha Chi sorority. Professor Amanda Zabel, the group's advisor is wearing a dark dress suit jacket, and she is standing at the right end of the back row.…
"May 13, 1976 - Sigma Pi Sigma"
Also known as the National Physics Honor Society. Those who have been identified are from left to right: Dick Hermens (1st), Ralph Badgley (3rd), Donald Schnitzler (11th), and Paul Stephas (12th).
"September 1978 - Arnold Hallmark Memorial Rose Garden - 1977 - Gamma Chapter - Beta Sigma Phi"
The sign is placed in the memorial garden.
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