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"May 1982 - Raft Race Trophy Presentation, Spring Festival - 'Race Official' Tim Callahan (left), President Briggs (center), Recipient (right)"
"Raft Race" A group of students race downriver on a homemade inner tube raft.
"5/1984 - Raft Race" Groups of students launch their rafts from Hilgard Park as they begin the raft race on the Grande Ronde River. "Fallopian Tubes III" is the large raft on the left.
"May 1982 - Raft Race, Spring Festival" Fans watch from the riverbank near Perry Bridge as students race down the river on homemade inner tube rafts.
"5/1984 - Raft Race" Teams of students prepare to launch their rafts. Some are conventional, inflatable rafts, some are inner tubes tied together, and some are homemade inventions.
"May 1974 - Jim Payne" Wearing a dark colored windbreaker, Jim Payne poses with the Hamm's Beer Bear. They are holding a poster which reads, "RAFT RACE, EOSC Veteran's Club 5th Annual Grande Ronde River Race, Saturday, May 4, 1974, Starts: 1:00pm…
"May 1990 - Raft Race" A member of the Blues Brothers raft race team who appears to be Dick Stenard (center of image, wearing sunglasses and fedora), gets ready for the race.
Preparing to launch their homemade raft that is basically three inflatable dragons tied together, team "H.H. GECKO" strategizes.
"May 1990 - Raft Race" The Blues Brothers Raft Race Team is ready to go!" Two of the members appear to be Jim Hottois (left), and Dick Stenard (middle).
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