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"1983 - Raft Race" Teams of students ready their rafts for launching. Some are conventional, inflatable rafts, some are inner tubes tied together, and some are homemade inventions.
"5/1984 - Raft Race" Three images of groups of students launching their rafts from Hilgard Park as they begin the raft race on the Grande Ronde River.
"5/1984 - Raft Race" Students have tied together giant, rubber, air bladders in order to make their raft for the raft race.
An image of the starting line for a race at a track meet. An official stands on a ladder while holding the starter's pistol aloft. In the background from left to right are the Hoke Building, Pierce Library, and Ackerman Elementary School. In the…
"May 11, 1991 - Raft Race" Eleven images of the starting point for the Raft Race in Hilgard Park.
"10/5/1991 - Cross Country Willamette Invitational at Treasure Valley" Two images of the starting line for the men's run.
"May 1990 - Raft Race" Seven images of teams launching their rafts. .013 - Blues Brothers team: Front of raft: Jim Hottois (closest, in profile), Dick Stenard (furthest, back to camera). .014 - Blues Brothers team: In raft: Jim Hottois (left, back to…
"1989" Twelve images of the starting point for the Raft Race in Hilgard Park and teams getting their rafts moving in the river.
"1988" Three images of athletes running during a cross country meet. .003 - Gary Feasel (left).
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