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"October 24-25, 1975 - Octoberfest" Two images of an unidentified man creating a ceramic piece on a pottery wheel.
Eight images related to working on a pottery wheel, including what a person's messy hands look like when they're finished.
"April 1980 - Festival of Fine Arts - Art demonstrations" - Eight images of three different people creating ceramic pieces on a pottery wheel. .006-.008 - [Appears to be:] Tom Dimond. .015 - [Appears to be:] Tom Dimond.
"October 1979 - Judd Koehn at North Powder (Northwest Area Program)" Thirteen images of art professor, Judd Koehn working with children in North Powder as they discover clay, ceramics, and a pottery wheel.
"March 29-30, 1976 - Campus scenes"
Students work clay on pottery wheels in a ceramics classroom.
"October 24-25, 1975 - Octoberfest" An unidentified man creates a ceramic piece on a pottery wheel.
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