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"2/1986 - Men's Basketball" Nine action images of an away game against Southern Oregon State College. Possibly, part of a playoff series as the gymnasium is located at the Oregon Institute of Technology, home of the "Hustlin' Owls."

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"April 16, 1982 - Women's Softball Game - EOSC vs. Southern Oregon State College - EOSC lost first game 14-9, won second game 14-4" - sixteen images .001 - Dianna Campbell (pitching), Lori Brazell (background player). .002 - Kim Hale (batting), EOSC…

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"1/20/1982 - Women's Basketball - EOSC vs. Southern Oregon State College, Won 70-63 in overtime" - ten images [The players who have been identified are: #12 - Kim Patterson, #13 - Tammy Eckert, and #14 - Susan Howard.]

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"1992" Hanging in Loso Hall, these metal sculptures depict men and women in various poses. They are unique in that they are not fully formed, but look as if the people are coming out of the wall. The central sculpture is pointing with it's left hand…

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"Fred Decker, OSC, Speaker" This is a portrait of Fred Decker wearing a dark colored blazer, white dress shirt, and black polka-dot necktie.

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"1954-55 - Religious Emphasis Week, Dr. C.W. Hoveland (head of the department of philosophy and religion, OSC), Reverend Father Archibald McDowell (professor of philosophy and religion, University of Portland), Miss Freeda Wilson (Danforth graduate,…

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