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"2/1/1991 - Men's basketball vs. Southern Oregon" - twenty-two images 91000 .009 - Marcel Cole. .012 - Brant Mayo. 91001 .017 - Marcel Cole.

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"2/1986 - Men's Basketball" Nine action images of an away game against Southern Oregon State College. Possibly, part of a playoff series as the gymnasium is located at the Oregon Institute of Technology, home of the "Hustlin' Owls."

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"April 16, 1982 - Women's Softball Game - EOSC vs. Southern Oregon State College - EOSC lost first game 14-9, won second game 14-4" - sixteen images .001 - Dianna Campbell (pitching), Lori Brazell (background player). .002 - Kim Hale (batting), EOSC…

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"1/20/1982 - Women's Basketball - EOSC vs. Southern Oregon State College, Won 70-63 in overtime" - ten images [The players who have been identified are: #12 - Kim Patterson, #13 - Tammy Eckert, and #14 - Susan Howard.]

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EASTERN's women's basketball player, #30, gets ready to shoot for a basket as rival team, Southern Oregon's #23, tries to block. Fans can be seen sitting in the bleachers in the background, and there is a "Lady Mounties" banner hanging above them.

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"Steve Haffert - Shooting, Russ Christenson, Mike Klowpe [almost out of image at the left edge]" "Eastern" basketball player, Steve Haffert is up in the air shooting a basket during this game with "Southern Oregon." Spectators watch the action from…

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"Eastern Oregon" basketball player, #15, matches a Southern Oregon player move for move during this game.

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"2/1/1991 - Men's basketball vs. Southern Oregon"

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"2/1/1991 - Men's basketball vs. Southern Oregon" Marcel Cole (behind Southern Oregon player).

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"Collier State Park - U.S. Highway 97, 30 miles north of Klamath Falls, southern Oregon - Early logging equipment" Two of Fred's sons investigate an, "Early Stiff Boom McGiffert Log Loader - Built by Clyde Iron Works for McCloud River Lumber 1906 -…

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