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"Coastal scene near Vigan"
"Scene of small bay through tropical foliage ona trip from Binmaley to Vigan - Luzon"
"A small boy behind a Filipino en-route to Vigan from Binmaley on Highway 3 - Luzon"
"Some ancient Spanish look-out tower facing Lingayen Gulf - seen from the road between Binmaley and Vigan - Luzon"
"Japanese characters on Rail Road Crossing sign Luzon, toward Vigan"
"Route # 3 highway between Binmaley and Vigan Luzon"
"Route # 3 on the way to Vigan from Binmaley"
"Route marker No. 3 = 4399 Ilocos Sur on the way to Vigan"
"American Smelting and Refining Co. check no. 2345. 'Pay to the order of Friday Gold Mining Co., Limited' in the amount of $670.22. Signed by J.M. Bidwell, assist. manager of the Murray Plant in Salt Lake City, Utah - Sept. 2, 1904."
"1938 - E.O.N.S. Ackerman, No. 9" This is a picture of the interior courtyard located in the Ackerman School between the main building and the gymnasium.
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