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"1990" Eight images of students waiting in lines for tuition and financial aid services along the main hallway in Inlow Hall.
"1990" Twelve images of lectures and information gathering during orientation activities. 90002 .028-.029 - Terral Schut (at podium). 90003 .004-.005 - [Appears to be:] Alan Davis (standing and speaking). 90013 .011-.014 - Nancy Youlden (standing and…
"1990" A man and woman look through a student handbook togther during orientation activities.
"1990" An image of Mike Daugherty (seated left) helping a student at the Housing table.
"1990" Five images of students being helped at the Financial Aid table. 90002 .011 - Jack Johnson (right, in profile) .018-.019 - Jack Johnson (right, in profile). 90003 .008-.009 - Jack Johnson (facing).
"1990" Two images of a student being helped at the Student Develepment Center table. .006-.007 - Dick Stenard (middle), Alan Davis (right, in profile).
"1990" Seven images of people being helped at the Continuing Education and External Degree Program table. 90002 .007-.009 - Dixie Lund (right, in profile). .012 - From left to right: Kelly Yenser (1st), Dixie Lund (2nd). .013-.014 - Dixie Lund…
"1990" Five images of students being helped at the Career Center table. 90002 .021-.022 - Janet Millay (right). .026 - Janet Millay (right). .027 - Janet Millay (left). 90003 .001 - Janet Millay (right).
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