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"4/1987 - Hawaiian Cowboys"

[Photographer: Dan]

"4/1987 - Hawaiian Cowboys"

[Photographer: Dan]

"4/1987 - Hawaiian Cowboys"

[Photographer: Dan]
"5/1991 - Eastern Rodeo" A cowgirl swings her lasso overhead as she rides hard to catch up with and rope her target. Fans watch from the stands in the background.
"1984 - Rodeo Club" A cowgirl rides her horse hard as she swings a lasso overhead. She is aiming to rope a black calf running in front of her.
"1984 - Rodeo Club" A cowboy riding a horse sends his lasso flying as he tries to rope a steer. His partner reels in his lasso after a failed attempt to rope the steer.
"2/1987 - Rodeo" Wearing dark colored, EOSC vests and cowboy hats, two young men from Hawaii look over the rails of a wood fence. The one on the left is holding a rope in his gloved, right hand.
Swinging a lasso over his head and holding a rope in his teeth, a cowboy rides his horse after a fleeing calf. In the background, several people watch from the fencing. On the other side of the fence, a couple of people are mounted on their horses…
While riding his horse, a cowboy swings a lasso out in front of him hoping to snare the calf he is chasing after.
Two cowboys work as a pair in order to rope a running steer. In the background, sponsorship billboards for "Hand Ford Sales" and "The Black Anvil Tavern" hang on the fence.
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