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"1993, Spring - Training Room" An athlete wearing a ballcap and shorts with playing cards on them sits on a padded top long table with his right leg elevated. His knee is wrapped in an Ace bandage with what appears to be an icepack underneath it.…

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"Training Room" One of the coaches uses a plastic model of a human joint to instruct an athlete. Part of the logo for "EASTERN" is visible on the wall behind them.

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"1993, Spring - Training Room, Brian Cain" Brian Cain is seated and using an "Orthotron" piece of equipment on his left knee. He is wearing "Nike" swish tennis shoes, and a T-shirt with "Hoopfest" on it. To his left, a cooler chest and team size…

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"1993, Spring - Training Room" Three male student athletes sit on padded top long tables. All three have some sort of monitoring system hooked up to their right knees. Two of them are doing this with their knees elevated. Another student is facing…

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