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"Teachers Institute at Baker 1917(?) Ryder - Walter Meacham Nina Kance Nellie Rush"
"Manila - Institute of X ray and Radium Therapy"
"March 30, 1976 - W. Gayle Rodgers - I.E.I. (Indian Education Institute) Instructor (1975-76)"
"October 1975 - William McLean, Director of Indian Education Institute (1968-78)" Wearing a light colored plaid sports jacket, a white dress shirt, dark striped necktie, and eyeglasses, William McLean stands at a podium at the front of a classroom.…
"April 8, 1980 - Small Business Institute District and Region Winners - [Left to right:] Jean Renshaw, Verna Arlt, Victor Degregoria, Jim Kretschmer"
"June 1980" From left to right: Verna Arlt (1st), Jean Renshaw (2nd), Jim Kretschmer (3rd), Lester Anderson (4th).
"November 1980 - RSI [Regional Service Institute] Advisory Committee"
"3/24/1981" Seventeen images of students meeting with faculty at what appears to be a Small Business Institute.

Chris Tamarin (left).
"3/24/1981" Five images of Professor Jean Renshaw posing with three unidentified students while holding an award certificate they have been presented with. [This appears to be part of the Small Business Institute.]
Jean Renshaw (3rd from left).
"3/24/1981" Three images of a luncheon in Hoke Hall that was held in conjunction with a Business related function. [Possibly, a Small Business Institute.]

Thomas [Tom] Bradbeer (center).
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