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"Infantryman with mouth of Malinta Tunnel in distance - Signal Corps Photo - International News wire Photo - Source: Caffrey Dugas"
"503rd Paratrooper landing - 'Chute still inflated - Signal Corps Photo - from Lantern slide from Bob Flynn - 503rd historian"
"503rd Parachute Infantry drop - Feb 16 1945. Signal Corps Photo - from ground, looking up"
"Signal Corps Photo - from ground looking up at 503rd Parachute Infantry being delivered by Troop Carrier C-47's, Feb 16 1945"
"Signal Corps Photo. 503rd RCT members in C-47 hooked to static line ready to jump - Sgt Albert Baldwin of Steubenville, Ohio leads the jump in first positition - Signal Corps original, from Lantern Slide from Bob Flynn - fairly sharp"
"503rd Combat Parachute Infantry striding across botanical debris on Corregidor - perhaps Feb 17 - Signal Corps Photo from Lantern slide - Bob Flynn, 503 historian"
"Signal Corps photo from ground - 2 parachutes still in air with their men visible - C-47 departing - Lantern slide original from Bob Flynn - 503rd historian"
"Parachute Infantry man, on ground, being dragged by his 'chute. Many 'chutes still in the air. Signal Corps Photo from Lantern slide from Bob Flynn - 503rd historian"
"41st Div. - War Games training - Fort Lewis - Infantry officers as umpires - wearing arm bands - to determine whether the Blue Army or the Red Army should be credited with winning a particular 'skirmish"
"Gen Eisenhower Fort Lewis Post Inspection 1946 - Rifle Platoon"
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