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"May 19, 1973 - Hoke College Center Dedication and Opening Ceremony" Three images consisting of: Items being placed inside of a time capsule, the capsule being sealed shut, and the capsule being lowered into the ground.
Students and faculty try out the newly build Hoke Hall cafeteria and dining area.
Three images of the tables and benches on the outdoor Hoke Hall patio covered in snow.
"September 18, 1975"
The sign out in front of Hoke Hall reads: "Hoke College Center, The Beacon, Bookstore, Food Service, Recreation Room, Student Activities, Office of Student Development, Student Government, Student Information Center"
This area of campus with sidewalks and trees was located between the side of Hoke Hall and the side of the old Facilities building.
"March 30, 1976 - Campus scenes"
A partial view of Hoke Hall with the sidewalks and an outdoor table and chairs sitting between the trees and the building.
"April 1st & 2nd, 1976 - Campus scenes"
The front of Hoke Hall. The Dorion Hall dormitory is partially visible in the right side of the image.
"Week of April 12, 1976 - Scenes"
One side of Hoke Hall, and the trees that have been planted in the grassy areas near the building.
Physics Professor Donald Schnitzler and an unidentified woman climb the spiral staircase in Hoke Hall.
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