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"No. 4 Birdseye view of Wallowa, Ore. from Green Hill looking north - circa 1912." The two public schools are visible in the right side of the picture, just above the tree line. The large building on the left was the Wallowa High School and the light…
"No. 26 High School (burned circa 1917), Gymnasium (burned circa 1950), and Public Grade School (burned circa 1932), Wallowa, Ore. - circa 1912."
"Wallowa County High School (Enterprise, Oregon) Football Team Championship Portrait 1897-98. Front row: Colonel Graves, Jewett Gardner, George Lautrell [LaTrelle] - 2nd row: (unreadable) Bodwell, Bill Lautrell [LaTrelle], Hank Haas, (unreadable)…
"Union High School Track Team - 3rd from left: Vernon Johnson - 1910+/-" Same coach is in 2010.2.981 - dated 1928+/-
"Union High School Student Body - date unknown"
"Union High School Gym Class"
"Union High School Girls Basketball - 39"
"Union High School Girls Baseball Team 1925/26 - Left to right: Mr. Wortman, Marie Smith, Edith Miller, Katie Reuter, Vivian Smith, Ruth Conner, Miss Kicker, Peggy Weaver, Esther McElroy, Viola Hillman, Jane Smith, and Leona Spray"
"Union High School 1928+/-" Same coach is in 2010.2.977 - dated 1909+/-
"Union H.S. Football Team - About 1909"
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