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"Grande Ronde Lumber Mill at Perry - 1920's [circa 1905] (Upper Perry is in lower right-hand corner of image. Lower Perry is at the middle right, behind the ridge.)
"New' steel bridge over Grande Ronde River, Elgin - Early 1900"
"Old' bridge over Grande Ronde River, Elgin 1898" [Photograph used in "History of Elgin, Oregon" by Bernal Hug (page 11, picture no. 3).]
"The Grande Ronde River Dam at Perry 1895 - For Grande Ronde Lumber Co. Mill at Perry - To supply water to the Log Pond"
"Rondowa, Ore. w/ train on bridge" "Twenty minutes for lunch"
"May 19, 1977 - Near Perry, OR and the old Grande Ronde lumber mill site"
"Canoeing on the Grande Ronde River, La Grande, Oregon - from a post card - approx. 1910+/-"
A rural road winds next to the course of the Grande Ronde river.
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