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"Chess game - 2 photo Lab members of 3rd Attack Group Photo section Fred Hill looks on" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Chessman at Ease. Fred Hill watches Photo Section men play chess. Waiting for their planes to return, men had time to read, take…
"Card game - while anchored in Harbor at Hollandia" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Cards on Deck. During the twenty five days at anchor in Humboldt Bay, Photo Reconnaissance men had time to relax in the shade. Here, a four-handed game of pinochle is in…
"1976 Football" A referee gets a little close to the football player with the ball during this 1976 game. Fans watch the action from the sidelines.
"1992 - Erik Harbison" Eastern attempts a field goal during this game in 1992.
"1992 - Football - [Scott] Helmick, #12"
"9/19/1992 - Carlton Hemphill, #84"
"1992 - Scott Minor" Eastern players clash with the opposing team as they try to tackle the man with the football.
"1992 - Shae Little, #70"
"1992 - James Yochum, #44"
"1992 - Tom Simi, Jeff Church" Eastern football players, Tom Simi and Jeff Church are quite intimidating as they block an opposing team member.
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