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"La Grande, Oregon street scene - before 1911. Looking east on Adams Ave. Advertisement for Selders [manufacturer of candies & ice cream] is on the building on the right." The Foley Hotel is directly on the left.
"This picture is of (left to right) Art Weigle, Frank Bay, Nate Zweifel and Claude Mackey. The man in the background was a Presbyterian minister. The rabbits were for a feast to be held in the Foley Hotel. At the feast they boiled the rabbits until…
"La Grande, Oregon street scene - circa 1905. Looking west from intersection of Adams Ave. and Elm St." There is a bank directly on the right, and further down on that same side of the street, the cone over the front of the Foley Hotel is visible.
"La Grande, Oregon - circa 1915 - Adams Avenue looking west from roof of W.H. Bohnenkamp Building" The cone topping the front of the Foley Hotel is visible at the edge of the upper, right side, quadrant of image, and most of Mt. Emily is visible in…
"La Grande, Oregon - Adams Avenue, looking west from Depot Street - 4th of July, 1900" The Foley Hotel, which has a sign on it reading, "Foley House," is visible in the background.
"La Grande downtown area - April 1902" The cone atop the front of the Foley Hotel is visible in the lower, left side, quadrant of image, next to the left edge.
"Foley Hotel, La Grande, Oregon - Built in 1891, dedicated on June 1, 1892."

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"A Mr. Foley (Foley Hotel) in front of a great crowd of people [children] - A musician in background - On Adams Ave. in front of what became the 'State' Theatre"
"Bar at Foley Hotel, La Grande, OR - 1893 - Man at center believed to be Jerome E. Foley - Mirror behind bar covered with 'gause' [gauze] to eliminate photographer's reflection"

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"Bar at Foley Hotel, La Grande, OR - 1891 / 93" [Man working bar appears to be Jerome E. Foley]

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