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"1983 - Awards Ceremony" - sixty-eight images xx316 .003 - John Cobb (at podium, left), Yvonne Tagge (background, left edge). .004 - Dick Hiatt (at podium, left), Yvonne Tagge (background, left side). .005 - Yvonne Tagge (background, left side). .007…

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"Week of April 5, April 12, 1976 - Campus scenes"
A faculty senate meeting with student government members also in attendance. From left to right: Senator Santini (1st in a partial view), Senator Olson (2nd), Senator Ryan (3rd), Senator Preska…

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"1954-55 - Faculty Reception" Faculty members form a receiving line along a wall with paned windows. There are twisted streamers hanging in front of the windows. EOCE President, Frank B. Bennett is shaking hands with a woman, and he's located nine…

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