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"I.K.'s [Intercollegiate Knights] Auto Cross - Joe Salleran" [Photo appears in the 1970 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 78.]
"Dr. Bennett congratulates Frank Currie as the 1,000th student to register for fall term. Trans PSC - Pendleton, Oregon - 3 Pre Engineering" [Photo appears in the 1962 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 20.]
"Pancake Feed" Six young men wearing white aprons tied at the waist, work in a well supplied kitchen. [Photo appears in the 1964 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 53.]
"Jim Johnston, Associated Student Body President, conducts the memorial service. 'He Upheld The Faith Of Freedom For All Men' - The assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 plunged the nation into shock and grief. On Sunday…
"Misc Activities - Bio Club - Theresa Jordan-Domschat [Domschot?]" Theresa Jordan-Domschot smokes a cigarette while attending an informal meeting of the Biology Club in a science classroom. There is an old style fan at the left.
"Judd Koehn" Judd Koehn works in a machinery and tool shop. He is wearing protective eyewear pushed up on his head, and a medium colored, checkered, collared, shirt. He has a full beard and mustache. He is holding a rotary sander, and in the…
"Sam Miller" Wearing a light colored, dress shirt and light colored slacks, Sam Miller sits near a window ledge while smoking a cigarette. Behind him are numerous leafy trees.
"Junior Miss" Susan Chrisman poses for her Junior Miss portrait in a satin waisted gown with a large tulle skirt. She is wearing a jewelled, floral necklace, and there are shadows of foliage in the background. [Photo appears in the 1961 Mountaineer…
"Miss Catherine Cameron, instructor in education, has bachelors of science and of arts from Center Washington State College and her master of education from the Univeristy of Oregon. She has run workshops for the community action agency in La Grande…
"Max Cook" Max Cook is sitting at a table in the Hoke building Coffee Shop. There are men on either side of him, and they appear to be having an informal meeting.
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