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"Dr. Bennett congratulates Frank Currie as the 1,000th student to register for fall term. Trans PSC - Pendleton, Oregon - 3 Pre Engineering" [Photo appears in the 1962 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 20.]
"Pancake Feed" Six young men wearing white aprons tied at the waist, work in a well supplied kitchen. [Photo appears in the 1964 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 53.]
"Jim Johnston, Associated Student Body President, conducts the memorial service. 'He Upheld The Faith Of Freedom For All Men' - The assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 plunged the nation into shock and grief. On Sunday…
"Misc Activities - Bio Club - Theresa Jordan-Domschat [Domschot?]" Theresa Jordan-Domschot smokes a cigarette while attending an informal meeting of the Biology Club in a science classroom. There is an old style fan at the left.
"Judd Koehn" Judd Koehn works in a machinery and tool shop. He is wearing protective eyewear pushed up on his head, and a medium colored, checkered, collared, shirt. He has a full beard and mustache. He is holding a rotary sander, and in the…
"Sam Miller" Wearing a light colored, dress shirt and light colored slacks, Sam Miller sits near a window ledge while smoking a cigarette. Behind him are numerous leafy trees.
"Max Cook" Max Cook is sitting at a table in the Hoke building Coffee Shop. There are men on either side of him, and they appear to be having an informal meeting.
"Valdez" This is a portrait of a woman identified only as Valdez.
"Ron Emmons, Student Ambassador Member" This is a portrait of Ron Emmons wearing a checkered shirt.
"Judd Koehn" This is a profile picture of Judd Koehn taken outdoors. He is wearing a light colored, polo shirt, and he has a full mustache and beard. At the right, is another man in a striped shirt with a T-shirt underneath. He also has a mustache…
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