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"Urbistondo Town Fiesta. Participants - Steele, Bernardo, Hill (taken by Tryk)" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Urbiztondo Fiesta Party. These four Filipino women invited four Photo Section men -- Bernardo, Tryk, Chris Steele, and Fred Hill -- to escort…
"Guests (participants?) at the Urbistondo Luzon Town Fiesta. Fred Hill and Bob Casey with two young ladies"
"A senior Filipino couple at the Urbistondo Town Fiesta. A street dance later - dried ruts and all. Urbistondo Luzon"
"A festival at near by Urbistondo including a street dance - (with ruts in the dried mud) Here is a chaperone mother and two girls with Sgt Earl Powers of the 17th Tact. Recon Sqdn Photo section"
"College - 1939 - Women's Residence Hall Life - Big Party open house - Helouise Lee - Louis Faulkenberg"
"College - 1940 - Colonial Ball (Minuet dancers are not in corresponding order) From Wed., Mar. 1, 1939 issue of 'The Beacon': Peggy Ferdinandon and Charles Van Koten
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