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"10/1987 - Alumni Banquet, Steve DeLashmutt, Recipient" Standing on one side of a podium, Steve DeLashmutt receives his Distinguished Alumni plaque with a handshake from Jerry Young. Seated behind the exchange is President Dave Gilbert.
"10/1987 - Alumni Banquet, Anne Berbinger, Distinguished Service"
"10/12/1991 - Alumni & Hall of Fame Banquet" Athletic Hall of Fame award: Craig Woodward, wrestling (right).
"10/12/1991 - Alumni & Hall of Fame Banquet"
"10/12/1991 - Alumni & Hall of Fame Banquet" Foreground from left to right: Jean Neely (2nd, in profile), Peggy Anderson (3rd, in profile), LaVelle Boyer-Cornwell (4th, in profile). Background: Weldon "Bud" Lewis.
"10/12/1991 - Alumni & Hall of Fame Banquet"
"October 1986" Dressed nicely, a group of men and women stand talking and socializing. On the left, the man holding a coffee cup is Dick Satterlee.
"October 1986" At an alumni homecoming function, Jim Petersen blows out candles on a cake while his wife, Shirley watches.
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