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"1951-52, Spring - Interfaith" A large Interfaith group holds a dinner together with a number of clergy and religious leaders from multiple faiths. EOCE President Frank B. Bennett is at the very far end on the left.
"Sen. Mike Thorne" stands at a podium with a lamp on it and speaks into a microphone during a dinner in honor of his visit to the school.
"1954-55 - Religious Emphasis Week" EOCE President, Frank B. Bennett, sits with other distinguished guests, such as Dr. C.W. Hoveland and Miss Freeda Wilson at a long table during Religious Emphasis week.
"Religious Emphasis Week" A guest speaker gives a speech at a podium in front of a brick fireplace. His audience is there to hear him talk during Religious Emphasis week.
"Religious Emphasis Week" A large group of people gather at long tables to hear guest speakers and share ideas during Religious Emphasis week.
"1954-55 - Religious Emphasis Week" Honored guests are seated at a long table in front of a brick fireplace at a dinner during Religious Emphasis week.
"10/1983 - Science Alumns Reunion Homecoming"

Appearing in this image: Right side of table: Doug Campbell, Jack Schut, Carolyn Gilbert, President Dave Gilbert. Left side of table: Paul Stephas, Peter Rimbey, Jerry Young.
"10/1984 - Alumni" Former president, Rodney Briggs talks with an unidentified woman at an alumni function.
"10/1984 - Caroline Duby Glassman, Distinguished Alumni" From left to right: Caroline Duby Glassman (1st, standing), Harry Hunt (2nd), Rodney Briggs (3rd).
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